We offer much more than just spare parts

Renewal of friction linings

Friction material for every requirement and every application from brake band material for dry and oil run, to drum brake pads in various widths, lengths and thicknesses, ring, clutch linings, segments and simple blocks. In all these topics we are the first choice for many customers according to our competence and quality.

Phillip Prusak / 0911 27447 – 19 /
Hans Klein  / 0911 27447 – 26 /

Production of braking plates

Based on a sample or technical drawing of your braking plate, we are able to make a single or a series with different materials (for example ST37-2, ST52) of the braking plate. We respond individually to your wishes and thanks to our more than 70 years of experience, we also stand by your side in the development of the product.

Daniel Circu / 0911 27447 – 28 /
Dietmar Streitmatter / 0911 27447 – 0 /

Refurbishment of clutches

It does not matter if it needs organic surface or if it is a flywheel. From the sintered clutch to the centrifugal clutch. We refurbish your clutch as new as a new one.

Phillip Prusak / 0911 27447 – 19 /

Refurbishment of cylinders of all kind

We are proud that we are able to refurbish your brake booster, clutch slave, clutch master, wheel brake, master cylinder or even your caliper. The honing of cylinders, as well as the replacement of sealing elements are just a few of many steps in our refurbishment.

Andreas Kolar / 0911 27447 – 17 /

Production of bowden cables

It does not matter what length or what requirements or special requests you need to perform for your bowden cable. We are able to produce them how you need them.

Phillip Prusak / 0911 27447 – 19 /
Daniel Circu / 0911 27447 – 28 /

Refurbishment of starters and alternators

We also offer the refurbishment of various water pumps, starters and alternators. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Dietmar Streitmatter / 0911 27447 – 0 /

Refurbishment of brake lines, power steering lines and hydraulic lines

We are pleased to produce individual brake hoses and hydraulic lines for your vehicle. For brake hoses, you can choose rubber or steel as the material, and brake lines can be made of steel pipe, copper / nickel or copper pipe.

The repair of power steering cables is also included in our service.

Daniel Circu / 0911 27447 – 28 /
Jörg Merkl / 0911 27447 – 16 /

Custom made gas springs

We are able to produce gas springs from 50 – 10,000 Newton meters for your individual needs. Tension and compression springs are individually orderable.

Jörg Merkl / 0911 27447 – 16 /

Production of brake segments

Braking is not limited to vehicles. We are able to fabricate and deliver your fitting product based on technical drawings. Drilling, countersinking and cutting are done and controlled in our house.

Alexandra Wöllner / 0911 27447 – 31 /

Skimming of brake drums and brake discs

Rusted brake drums and brake discs are no problem for us. Just contact us if it is possible to skimm yours, too.

Phillip Prusak / 0911 27447 – 19 /
Hans Klein / 0911 27447 – 26 /

Repair of axles

We gladly repair your AL-KO, Knott, BPW, Schlegl, Hahn, Peitz and Nieper axle. Whether braked or unbraked trailers, whether tandem or traditional axes, you are welcome to contact us on this topic, we are looking forward to help you.

Daniel Circu / 0911 27447 – 28 /

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